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Jetlag and Mayhem are now 6 and 3 years old.  Which means that resort holidays are almost fun again!  Case in point a recent trip to the Shangri La Tanjung Aru in Malaysia.  My youngest kept asking to go to back to the Kids Club (how could I refuse her) and my oldest was happy to splash about whilst I watched her from the comfort of my sunlounger.  Which meant that when we did spend time together, I really really enjoyed it.  

There are certain things that make a good resort hotel stand out.  I don’t like loud music by the pool (Anantara Maldives) and plastic white sun loungers (Sheraton Langkawi).  I do like it when they bring you a refreshing cool towels (Alila Uluwatu) and freshly cut fruit (JW Marriott).  Here are my list of 10 things I reckon most luxury resort hotels can/should do fairly easily.  Please add your suggestions at the end!


  1. Complimentary water by the pool.  Whether this is a free for all dispenser or someone who brings a glass to your lounger.  If you’re in a hot country, you have a duty to keep your guests hydrated and not overcharge for water.  If they don’t have any complimentary, consider helping yourself to bottles from the gym!
  2. Extra touches like cold towels, fruit on sticks, ice lollies
    Hyatt Tamaya icelolly
  3. Plentiful sunbeds and umbrellas.  I get so annoyed when people reserve sun beds with a towel.  You should only be able to reserve it if you have your stuff with you. Staff should keep a watchful eye on who’s using which sunbed and remove dirty towels regularly.
  4. Complimentary sunscreen.  I totally get that people (like me) would potentially walk off with bottles so perhaps resorts could screw a dispenser to the wall?
  5. A selection of kids pool & beach toys.  Never underestimate the power of a ball and bucket & spade.
  6. A shaded kids pool.  The Shangri La Tanjung Aru & Golden Sands have an attractive canopy covering the kids pool.  More of this please.
    Tanjung Aru Shade
  7. Poolside menu with healthy options for kids and adults.  Whilst my kids would happily have burgers, chips and pizza for lunch each day, I wouldn’t mind throwing some veggies in there too.  Parents would be very grateful!
  8. Regular cleaning of pool areas.  I always find plasters floating around the pool. I know this is difficult to stay on top of but I do like it when I seem them regularly cleaning.
  9. Separate adults pool. If my kids are happy in the kids club, I want to hang out in the peace & quiet!  If the kids get to have their own pool, there’s no reason why the adults shouldn’t have one too.  Free magazines are a bonus.
  10. A decent ice-cream and sorbet selection.  Ice cream o’clock is one of the highlights of a relaxing day at a resort!  I also like to see fresh coconuts and a good happy hour cocktail selection!
    Tanjung Aru Coconut

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