10% Discount on Deal Website Red Wizard

Red WizardIf you like to get yourself a good deal AND know some of your money is going back to charity, why not check out Red Wizard.

Red Wizard offers deals, promotions and competitions for families in Hong Kong.  You can find deals on clothing, toys and books to services including children’s activity classes and birthday parties.

Some travel related items that might be of interest….

ShoeSee foldable shoes for HKD $128: I own a pair, awesome to pack away on your travels

Impact Fitness & Deborah Dewey Detox: Get that bikini body ready with 7 day detox and 4 personal training sessions (HKD $2000)

5% of proceeds from deals go to children’s charities in Hong Kong – the more you buy, the more they donate!

Jetlag & Mayhem readers can gain an additional 10% off any deal by entering the coupon code JETLAGANDMAYHEM at the checkout until the end of June 2013.


Jetlag & Mayhem is not affiliated to Red Wizard.  I just love sharing a discount code!

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