3 travel products you might like

i do like a baby/kids superstore that is quiet, calm and relaxing.  Somehow Tiny Footprints in Hong Kong managed to create a nice environment to shop in whilst spending hours perusing what formula to buy!  They have a lot of interesting travel products in store right now but here are my picks for the top 3:

Lobster Portable High Chair

This is one of those, ‘why didn’t they have that in my eldest child’s day’ products.  From the people that brought you those clever double buggies, Phil & Ted, this is the Lobster Portable High Chair HKD $476.  It is the world’s fastest deploying high chair and apparently lightweight, flat packing and smart clamping to most tables.


I do love a good toy for the plane.  This is a Magnatab by Kid O HKD$290.  They say, let the magnetic stylus be your pen and the bead board be your paper.  I say, that sounds fab, I want one!

LITTLEPACK-LUCAS600x600 (325x325)681442

Are kids more likely to pull their own suitcase or carry their own backpack through the airport?  I still haven’t worked that one out yet as I normally end up carrying them both.  But how cute is this backpack!  The Beatrix backpack comes in lots of adorable designs and retails for HKD $380.


Tiny Footprints is located on 10F, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong.  I am not affiliated to them, I just like their store!


  1. Jules Foote

    I came across these bags: http://www.yuuworld.com/yuubag.php which both my daughters bow have. They are fab for taking on a holiday, they contain all their things for hand luggage as well as open them out and use the contents to keep entertained on the plane/ferry and whilst on holiday. My girls absolutely love them!

    1. Nicola

      Thanks, I’ll have to check these out!

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