An iPhone That Babysits? Review of the iSitter App

Isn’t it annoying when you’ve gone round to friend/family and you’ve remembered to pack everything except that baby monitor?  Well those clever app creators have something for you, the iSitter!  My sister-in-law shares her review of this useful baby monitor app:

I found out about Isitter when a friend mentioned it to me.  I immediately thought it sounded like a great idea.  Little did I know that a week later I would be faced with the perfect opportunity to test drive it. We were round at my parents house for lunch and my little one Freddy was due for his lunchtime nap.  I put him in the travel cot in the downstairs bedroom, but we were sitting in the kitchen at the opposite end of the flat.  Having forgotten a monitor I realised this was the perfect opportunity to try Isitter.

iSitter app

Isitter is free to use initially as the creator wants you to check that the app is compatible with your phones before paying the charge.  However, there are ads present and if you want to remove these then it costs £1.99.  The creator pleads with the customer that once you’re happy the app works for you, you should pay the small charge to remove the ads and support Isitter with their app development.
The app is incredibly easy to use, but you do require WiFi in order for it to work.  You need 2 IOS devices (I use mine and my husband’s iphones).  You both download the app and then you decide whose phone will stay in the room with the baby, the other will act as the monitor and stay with you.  You pair the phones together over the WIFI network, which is an incredibly simple process, and then position the phones in the relevent places.  We simply used it for its sound facility, however there is also a camera option if you want to see your baby too, but this involves strategically positioning the phone that stays with the baby.  The audio (real-time) and the camera image (every 30secs) are sent from the baby to the parent phone, acting very similarly to an actual monitor.  An alarm will sound on the parent side if there’s a disconnection, which offers extra peace of mind.

As long as there is a solid WIFI signal in the areas you and your baby are based, the range should not be a problem.  We tested it over a 2,500 Sq. foot house and it worked perfectly.
  • It’s a fantastic last resort if you find yourself out and about, wanting to your baby down to sleep without a monitor.  It really offers peace of mind allowing you to enjoy social events without worrying about checking on your baby every 5 minutes
  • Cheap if you decide to go for the ‘non ads’ version, but the free version works perfectly well.
  • If you do want to use camera facility its tricky to position correctly.
  • Whoever’s provided the ‘baby side’ phone, loses use of their phone while it’s in the room with your baby.
  • It requires good WIFI and wont operate off 3G

I wouldn’t substitute your usual monitor with this but would 100% recommend it for times when you’re out and about without a monitor to hand.  It works incredibly well and certainly offers peace of mind when putting your baby down for naps outside of your home.

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