5 Best Gadgets For Family Travel

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Summer’s here (well in the northern hemisphere anyway) and I’m sure many of you are jetting off for a family holiday. Packing can be an overwhelming task, especially for the first time parent.  My advice is to print off a packing list and work through it methodically.  In terms of gear, there’s an overwhelming amount of family travel gadgets on the market, half of which sound promising but are only likely to get used on a handful of occasions.  Here’s my pick on the best practical gadgets for family travel. Of course they haven’t invented a gadget yet that will guarantee my kids to sleep on the plane. I’m still waiting for that one…


  1. Kids Headphones These are an absolute MUST. For years I survived on either the flimsy stolen Cathay kids headphones or giving my kids my own.  My favourite are our LilGadgets Connect+ although I am thinking of upgrading to wireless bluetooth ones.  Top tip here, if you have an unused old iPod or shuffle lurking around, why not load it up with songs and donate it to your child!  Much better to have your children sitting around and listening to music than constantly staring at a screen….
    Daisy with Lil Gadgets Headphones
  2. Portable external battery charger. There are loads on the market a varying price levels. Buy one with several USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. You will thank me for this when the iPad runs out of juice and the kids start moaning.
  3. Travel Adaptor – I wrote a post a while back on what you need to look for when buying a travel adaptor.  Mine have been so dependable, I haven’t had to buy one recently so I’m not really au fait with ‘the best’  However make sure you buy from a legitimate source and remember they DO NOT change the electrical flow to your device (you will need a converter for that).
  4. Old digital cameras!  Remember the days when the digital camera used to be the first thing you’d pack in your hand luggage?  Then the iPhone and its’ mega camera happened?  Well it’s time to reclaim those old cameras from the drawers in the spare room, charge them up and give to your kids.  They will love having their own camera to snap their holiday pics and you will no longer be pestered to hand over your precious iPhone.  If the old digital camera happens to fall in the pool then so be it.  
  5. Digital luggage scale – don’t get caught short at the airport with overweight luggage.  Digital luggage scales are cheap, compact and lightweight so you have no excuse not to pack one. Check out Amazon for reviews on all the latest and greatest but I love this one by FREETOO. It’s pretty simple to use, you basically turn it on, set to your preferred weight then attach the hook to the luggage and lift.  
    freetoo luggage scale

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