5 Travel Related Christmas Gifts For Kids

It’s that time of year.  Time to empty your wallet and spend all your hard-earned cash on the kids, just to see them open the present, play with it for 5 seconds and move on the to the next.  

Well… if you are looking for gift inspiration, look no further than my suggestions below.  I’m not affiliated to any of these brands/products, I just think they are very cool.

For a budding artist

The GoVinci trolley!  This was one of my favourite kids suitcases from 2013 and you can find my review here.  I love the fact that kids can draw their own picture and then display it in the front of their suitcase.

Daisy & GoVinci Suitcase

USD $59.99

For the geography geek

Globe 4 Kids

Everyone needs a globe.  Whilst I’m after the liquor holding variety, I’m keen to get my daughters their own globe.  This one illuminates and shows more than 125 drawings of people, landmarks and animals on a kid friendly political map.

For a baby

To say I’m obsessed with this pilot bib is an understatement. It’s available on Etsy so I’ve no idea if they’ll ship to where you live but it is amazing.  If there’s a baby in your life, buy them one.

Etsy Airline Pilot Bib

For the amphibious

As my kids get older, they spend more and more time underwater on holiday.  There are lots of fun pool toys out there but Turtle-In-Eggs Pool Game will rock my four-year old’s world.  

Turtle in eggs pool game

USD $15

For any child aged 2+

Someone gave me a good tip.  Dispense with all those ‘made for children’ cameras and buy them a cheap digital camera.  The all singing all dancing kids cameras come with very little memory and are bulky to carry.  Buy them a cheap digital camera and they can learn to take great pictures.  There are lots on the market, you can even buy decent used cameras on Amazon from as little as USD $15.

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