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We are off on a longhaul flight to New Zealand today. My 4 year old is at the age where she is perfectly capable of carrying her own bag.  After our last trip where my 2 year old and 4 year old fought over the Trunki and we had a little incident where Daisy fell off, I’ve decided it not making a reappearance. So I let Daisy pick one from her collection (a collection at 4?!) and she went for a Skip Hop Zoo trolley bag which is very roomy and has a monkey face on the front.  If we were going on a shorter flight, I would have steered her towards a backpack but we’ve got two long flights and we’re going to need a lot of stuff.

I’ve reviewed the Skip Hop bag in a previous post but I thought I might check out what other bags are available for future trips!  

For the yummy mummy 

Penelope Beatrix New York

I love these Beatrix New York wheelie bags!  They are certainly not cheap at USD $95 but they are very cute…

For the cool, arty types

Bobble Art Kids

Bobble Art are a husband & wife duo from Australia who make the most amazing range of kids suitcases.  They come in seriously cool designs and are available from various retailers worldwide at approx. USD $50

For the sensible parent

Samsonite Dragon

For those parents that adhere to a ‘sensible brand is best’ rule, you’ll be pleased to know that Samsonite offer a range of kids luggage.  The oddly titled ‘Sammies Dreams’ range has a number of cute animals to choose from, my favourite being this adorable dragon, USD $100

If the kids chose

Frozen Kids Suitcase

My girls are obsessed with Frozen at the moment.  Of course Disney has this gig sewn up and you can buy Frozen suitcases from the Disney store, USD $35


I’m not affiliated to any of the above brands, although my house is filled with Disney cr*p.  If you would like to send me a bag to review, I have two little daughters who would be happy to test them out!

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  1. Wendy at Tots

    Have to say, the best thing I’ve got my two girls are their own suitcases… saves loads on cheapie airlines too… and for a Summer holiday we can actually get everything in them for them if we don’t go mad…

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