Handcrafted Travel Goodies from Ashni

I love to show support to fellow women and mums out there pursuing their dream.  One such lady is Josie of Hong Kong’s ASHNI, a site selling her beautiful yet functional handmade products.

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How did you start your business?

9 years ago when I had my first child, I found it hard to find basic and affordable things I needed.  In fact even maternity clothing at that time!  So in short, as a stay at home mum I started creating things like picnic mats.  4 years ago I started selling my bags at the HK Homemade Bazaar which was so successful its grown from there.

What is your inspiration?

Myself and my creative mind!  I’m always imagining things but not enough time and energy to create. I work on my own with some help depending on the budget 🙂

What is your best seller?

This is seasonal.  During Summer it’s the Lunch & Beach bags.  In the beginning of Autumn, the picnic/beach mats.

You can personalise these beach bags!

You can personalise these beach bags!

What are your favourite items?
The Beach/tote bags and Picnic Rugs.  These were my very first main collections when I started the Brand/business.
Beach Tote / Travel
Where do you sell ASHNI?
I sell my collection all over Hong Kong and elsewhere. I met a lady two years ago who bulk bought my Tote Bags to sell in her Shop in Switzerland. I have a few customers in Singapore.  Through my online store I sell to the US, Australia and other neighbouring Asian countries.
What are your top tips for kids travel?
Always take something to amuse them in the airplane like my foldable chalk mats.
Ashni Chalk MatAlso pack Waterproof Tote Bags – fully zippered openings to avoid of contents from falling out when on the run and on the cabin.
If you’ve been seduced by ASHNI’s gorgeous prints, check out her website for the full range of goodies

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