Jetlag & Mayhem’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Well it’s that time of year again.. the bells are ringing out.. for Amazon deliveries at your door! Whether your’re shopping for Christmas, Chanukah or those pesky early January birthdays (Mr Jetlag), I’ve put together some travel related gift ideas. I am not sponsored by any of these businesses, although Louis Vuitton, if you would like to send me a vintage trunk that would be very kind. If you DO feel inspired by what you see here, please don’t be shy to click on the Amazon affiliate links.  Jetlag & Mayhem is very much a labour of love but by clicking on the link, you may just put me one pence closer to a new travel pillow.

For Baby

I’ve chanced upon a shop called the Airplane Superstore. You can buy plush planes for babies, take your pick from Air Force One to Southwest!

For Toddler

Australia’s Bobble Art, make the most divine backpacks in a glorious array of designs.  Choose a small-sized one for little people. Remember, if they love the backpack then they may well carry it themselves through an airport. Check out this Safari inspired one!

Kids (5-10yo)

I am a HUGE fan of the Lonely Planet kids book selection. I love the ‘Let’s Explore’ sticker book range as they’ve kept Jetlag & Mayhem quiet on many a plane and restaurant. You can also see the whole selection here (I’ve got my eye on ‘The Big Earth Book’ and ‘Incredible Cabinet Of Wonders’ next).


Gone are the days when we had a limited swimwear selection for kids. Now you can purchase well designed, UVA swimsuits all year round, that also happen to be super stylish. There are lots of great brands out there but I always seem to come back to British brand, Sunuva. Their rash vests and swimsuits have lasted about 5 years so far, passing down from Miss Jetlag to Miss Mayhem.  Sunuva do a stylish, sun safe ‘Young Teen’ range. Whilst it’s not super cheap, they do last and keep your eyes peeled for their sales.


Give your teen the gift of independence with their own travel backpack. This is you, saying to them ‘go out and explore the world’ (after working hard to save up the money and passing all your exams, obviously).  Indie Traveller has a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best backpack. Pacsafe are pioneers in anti-theft technology for the travelers. I’d choose the Pacsafe Venturesafe X22 Anti-Theft Adventure Backpack.


I recently took two Cathay Pacific longhaul flights. Both absolutely FREEZING. So I don’t think you can go wrong with gifting a beautiful, cashmere travel wrap. I haven’t seen these in the flesh yet but I’m loving the collection from The Travelwrap Company who craft their cashmere in the Scottish borders. Yes please to this herringbone wrap!

It’s not new news but I continue to love my trusted J-Pillow for flying. I recently bought one for a dear friend’s birthday, I can’t help but spread the love.

Of course I can’t help but write this list and think of myself.  I’m not quite sure if Mr Jetlag actually reads Jetlag & Mayhem but let’s assume he does, this section is for him.  Aside from the vintage Louis Vuitton trunk that I ask for every year, I also covet all the jewels from the brilliant Apache Rose London. She has a stunning Holiday Edit with affordable jewels that will brighten up any decade old kaftan.

I’ve read some brilliant travel-related books this year. Get your hands on the inspiring alone in antarctica for a gripping read.

When I hop aboard my longhaul flight, I don’t want to talk to anybody.  Unless I have my kids with me and I suppose I have to speak to them every now and then. The best way to arm yourself against friendly passengers is to sport noise cancelling headphones. This is a win win as you look unapproachable from the outset and you also don’t have to listen to the cabin’s cacophony of snores, cries and farts.  TechRadar has a comprehensive guide to this year’s best buys.  I would probably go for the AKG N60NC as they are a bit cheaper than the Bose headphones.

Got a pregnant lady or new mum friend in your life?  Baby bags have come a long way and none are better than those from Mika Rouge. If I had another newborn in ‘da house I would treat myself to the beautiful Nina.

If you’re looking for an amazing, luxurious gift where money is no object, buy your partner a trip to the Philippines’s Amanpulo. The most spectacular luxury hotel, I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. You can read my review of our anniversary trip here or contact the wonderful Chinmoy Lad at the Suitelife for more details.

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