Last Chance To Vote For Me! (Please)

Voting in the Avis Travel Blogger Awards is nearly closed.  In order to buy your votes, I have compiled a top 5 reasons as to why you should take 5 seconds to vote for me (it’s very easy, click here and then I’m 5th down)

  1. Did the story of our Chinese overnight sleeper train experience make you smile?  Or even chuckle? Surely that deserves a vote!
  2. I recently flew home to spend a week with my family, including my brand new nephew Sam.  However, my youngest decided to get tonsilitis/ear infection and so I spent most of the week hanging out with her instead – up all night and irritable by day (both of us).  If I win, I’ll use the airline voucher to fly home again and spend time with my family properly.
  3. You probably notice I spend a lot of time writing Jetlag & Mayhem.  This truly is my passion and I love getting your emails asking for advice on where to go and what to do.  As you can imagine, running the site is hard work.  So if you like it, please do me this small favour and vote!
  4. I haven’t won any awards yet this year.  Always the bridesmaid but never the bride…
  5. How about an embarrassing picture then?  Surely this gets your vote (thanks to the world’s naffest/fun illusion art museum in Chiang Mai.  The things I do for you, dear reader)
    Art In Paradise 1Art In Paradise 2

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