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I love reading family travel blogs – they’re often the best place to gain inspiration on where to take the family next.  Today it’s very exciting to have journalist and family travel blogger Cathy from mummytravels to answer our questions….

MummyTravels Caribbean

Describe your travel style in 3 words

Sunshine adventure lite
What’s your favourite family friendly destination?
One of the things I’ve loved discovering is quite how family friendly so many destinations are, even ones I might not have expected. So the Caribbean is high up the list and some of Europe’s cities. But the one we keep going back to (our third trip is booked) is Lanzarote. The Spanish adore children, there’s lots for different ages including babies, and while the flight isn’t too long, sunshine is guaranteed.
Where’s on your bucket list for 2015?
Now my daughter is two, I’m balancing the cost of her flight with being able to be a bit more adventurous. So we’re planning a week in Cyprus but I’m also hoping to get to Mauritius, while I’d love to head back to New York, to see the family-friendly side of that city. Still on my bucket list are Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma (I had to cancel my planned trip when I discovered I was pregnant) but maybe I’ll give that another few years.
Have you ever had any epic travel fails?
I’ve had my fair share of near misses – almost running out of petrol at night in Mexico, catching our flight to Copenhagen by seconds, but thankfully not too many outright disasters or nothing that can’t be fixed with a flexible attitude. My biggest travel fail was probably in Madagascar when Air France lost my luggage for five days of a week-long trip. An amazing country, but not the best place to replace all my essentials!
Cathy & lemur Madagascar
Places to avoid?
Nassau in the Bahamas was one of the few places which I haven’t loved recently but the only ones I avoid are for practical reasons – I’ve been steering clear of anywhere malarial while my daughter was young, and anywhere where I’d worry about her safety. Otherwise I try to avoid bigger resorts – and anywhere offering all-day English breakfast!
What’s your number 1 packing tip?
Pack for the worst-case scenario. It’s better to be pessimistic (with spare clothes, extra food/drink, more stickers than one toddler needs and endless wipes in hand luggage) than delayed or covered in something unmentionable wishing everything wasn’t firmly in the hold.
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    So nice to read about other travelers and bloggers. Hi Cathy. Love the 3 word travel style.

  2. MummyTravels

    Hi – and thanks! I’m always fascinated by how other travellers do things too, so it was great to take part myself.

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