My Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday today!  That’s right 21 again.  I have decided to celebrate by telling you all what I would like as a birthday present.  Don’t hesitate to contact me should you require my address….

  1. A trip to the Amanpulo in the Philippines.  I think I’m the only ‘Aman junkie’ who still hasn’t visited an Aman resort.  Every year I say I want to go and it still hasn’t happened.  I know it’s super expensive but how dreamy is this picture:
    Amanpulo BeachAnd you can see baby turtles hatching.  And you get to go on their private plane!
  2. Now I know I’m a family travel blogger so I like to keep things practical.  However, I have decided that as and when I do upgrade my luggage, I would like it to be to this Louis Vuitton trunk:
    Louis Vuitton Trunk
  3. As an aviation geek, the best birthday present you could buy me would be a trip on that double decker beauty, the A380.  I don’t want to be too fussy but if you’re going to do it, do it in style. This means flying in a First Class Suite where you have your own inner sanctum.  I would also have to leave the kids at home (to save money and all that).
    Singapore Airlines A380 First Class

Now that’s my birthday covered – what’s on your wish list?

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