Travel Themed Gifts For The Family

Fretting about what to buy for Christmas, Chanukah or December birthdays? So that we don’t leave it all till last-minute (and allowing my parents plenty of time for the parcels to arrive and shlep it out to HK) I’ve rounded up the best in travel themed gifts. In case my Secret Santa is reading this, I would absolutely love this Louis Vuitton vintage Steamer trunk:


I am not being sponsored by any of these brands. This list is the product of hours trawling for presents when I should have been working. However, if you are interested in any of the products through Amazon, please do consider purchasing through my affiliate link 🙂

For baby

How adorable are these soft toy globes from Hugg-A-Planet


USD $18.95

For toddler

I think we’d all quite like to play with this Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Airport Playset

Kids age 4+

Geography and Bingo have to be a winning combo.

Kids age 4-8

I’ve written at length about children’s wheelie suitcases.  The case that sparks the most admiring glances at the airport is our Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Case. The case itself is a great sized, lightweight and easy to pull suitcase. It has an adjustable strap on the front which means your child can wheel around their bear/American Girl Doll etc to their heart’s content.

Daisy with Cabin Max

GBP 28

Kids age 7+

Lonely Planet Kids keep releasing wonderful books to inspire kids travel.  I love the look of these ‘Unfolding Journeys’ books and stay tuned for our review of ‘How Cities Work’

From GBP 10

Lonely Planet World Explorer Daisy

For teenagers

Pretend you’re down with the kids and treat your teens to an easy pop up tent they can take to the next music festival. Little do they know you’ll be pitching up alongside them…  Easy Camp have a cool selection of easy to use, pop-up tents. My fave is the Antic Tribal Colour


Euro 85

For all the family

I am all for encouraging limited screen time.  Card games are a really fun way of bringing the family together. It can be tricky with young kids but as soon as your children can recognise numbers, Uno is an easy option.  I also love Top Trumps and you’ll be pleased to know I even own Top Trumps Volcanoes.


Back to me

One last attempt to hint to my Secret Santa or parents..  Would love this ‘Upgrade Please’ T-shirt in my life



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