Kids Luggage Review: The GoVinci Trolley and the Skip Hop Zoo Rolling Luggage

You can’t pass through an airport these days without spotting kids hurtling down walkways on their Trunkis.  Magmatics’ roaring success with their Trunki suitcase has led the product to be more fondly known as ‘The One That Got Away’ on the UK’s Dragon’s Den.

Daisy & suitcases

I was curious as to what other products were on the market for kids luggage.  Luckily I was sent two interesting products to review, the Skip Hop Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage and the GoVinci Trolley.

I took my two testers (3 and 4 years old) and we test drove the luggage on holiday to Thailand.

Skip Hop Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage

You’ve probably become familiar with the US Skip*Hop brand, seeing kids toting their Zoo Backpack range, especially the ‘Monkey’.

With dimensions (inches) of 16h x 12w x 5.5d, the suitcase is pretty big and the retractable handle is a good size for both kids and adults to pull.

The design is fun & bright.  The zipper pull details (bananas) are a cute touch and the big fabric ears of the monkey really makes it stand out.

Skip Hop Monkey Luggage

There is a mesh pocket on the side to

put a drink (extremely useful) and also a front zip pocket for easy access.  Inside the front zip pocket is a useful mesh divider.

The inside is spacious and the luggage fits with no problem in the overhead locker.

On the back is a removable ‘Parent’ strap for the inevitable times when you’ll be carrying it.

The suitcase is made of a poly-canvas fabric and feels sturdy.  Due to the fabric, the suitcase will dirty over time although the ‘Monkey’ is mostly dark brown so it shouldn’t show too badly.

The Skip Hop Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage sells for HKD $379

Go Vinci Trolley

Daisy & GoVinci SuitcaseGoVinci is part of the BenBat family.  As its name would suggest, this is the suitcase for budding artists!  The fun starts before you go on holiday as the suitcase has a clear outer display frame to showcase their drawings.  A colouring sheet is included and you can also go to www.ben-bat.com to print more designs or freestyle and draw your own.

The dimensions are smaller than the Skip Hop at (cm) 39h x 27w x 15d.

It is made of a hard material and was sturdy enough for a child to sit on in a long queue.  In fact, the selling point of this case is that it can also double as a drawing table while on the go.  As there is no fabric, the suitcase will also be easy to clean.

There are no external pockets (shame) but the inside has a useful mesh divider.

The GoVinci Trolley retails for HKD $499

In Conclusion

I really liked both of these products.  For smaller kids, the GoVinci is a better size and I love the fact that it slides easily under an airline seat.  GoVinci Under Airline SeatThe Skip Hop is easier to pull and the handle also retracts far enough for an adult (albeit short)  to pull it whilst I had to stoop down to pull the GoVinci.

If you are looking for a suitcase with bigger carrying capacity then the Skip Hop is the winner and the fabric material will allow you to pack more.Inside kids suitcases

What you have to remember with young kids and luggage is that despite all the fun products out there – YOU WILL END UP CARRYING IT!


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent these products for review from Bloom & Grow Asia.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own!

Buy the GoVinci Trolley in Hong Kong at:

Bumps to Babes

Buy the Skip Hop Zoo Luggage in Hong Kong at:

Bumps to Babes


  1. Shannon Reed

    Love skiphop – everything they make is well made and stylish. Great post!

  2. Marina @ TheWineBandits

    Thanks for comparison! We are going on our first airplane trip to Arizona with the 2 year old in a few months and were debating what luggage to buy… I was looking at the Trunki as well but don’t think it will hold up to my toddler. I love skiphop products and will probably go with the monkey!

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