Kids Travel Toy Review: Les & Lou Roll-Up Chalk Mat

I’m not knocking the iphone/ipad ‘keeping kids quiet in a restaurant’ generation.  We all do it and I’d rather my kids were still seated at the table than running around a restaurant/airport like lunatics.  But sometimes it is nice to hark back to an old fashioned era where they sit still and partake in something creative.

Cue.. the Roll-Up Chalk Mat!  I was delighted to receive one of these from Les & Lou, (named for the two British mums who are busy creating products to steer kids away from screen based entertainment)

Daisy & Roll-Up Chalk MatMy three year old’s face lit up with glee as she opened her pink mat.  The Roll-Up Mat has two sides; a wipe clean side to use as a placemat and the other side, a blackboard!  Genius!  The mat comes with 2 dry erase crayons, 2 chalks and 1 cleaning cloth.  The mat has a neat little pocket to store them in.  Both sides are also easily wiped clean with wet wipes.

The mat is lightweight and I would definitely recommend packing this to take away on holiday.  It might be a bit big for some aeroplane tray tables (30.5 x 45cm) but perfect for nights out in restaurants on holiday and keeping children entertained in a hotel room.Drawing with the Roll-Up Chalk Mat










Sky and Roll-Up Mat

For more information, check out Les & Lou’s website  http://www.lesandlou.co.uk/

The mat (in pink or blue) costs GBP 11.50 and if you live in the UK, there’s free delivery.  Les & Lou also offer discount on bulk buying over 5 mats (well worth looking into for birthday presents, party bags etc)


Even better, Les & Lou are offering a discount of 25% for you lovely readers.  All you need to do is quote ‘jetlag’ when ordering.


  1. allthegear

    Looks fantastic. Just the kind of thing we’d use too. Very clever

  2. Michelle

    A great idea. It’s often the really simple things that get used the most and for the longest. We usually buy a big drawing book and a packet of pens and use that on holidays for restaurants/journeys etc when travelling. This roll-up board has the benefit of being able to be re-used over again. We also recommend an etch-a-sketch type affair. Michelle

    1. Nicola

      Yes, love mini etch-a-sketch, works a treat

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