Native Essentials

Through my recent detox, I’ve become more aware of the rubbish I had been putting into my body. When I was introduced to Daniela from Native Essentials, it felt like great timing, to learn about the power of plant oils in healing.

After blending plant oils and making natural skincare for friends and family, Daniela created a range of products that are pure, natural and authentic.  In her words, simply native and essential.

She has so many fantastic products on offer.  I have recently been testing out her Toddlers First Aid Kit on my little ones.

Native Essentials

As someone who used to reach immediately for creams and medicines, it has been an enlightening experience to turn first to these essential oils.  The Toddlers First Aid Kit comes in a cute little box containing 8 bottles of oil.  The first 5 are:

  • Arnica (for bruises and contusions)
  • Calendula (for skin rashes and general redness)
  • Lavender (for burns, itching and headaches)
  • Tea Tree (to disinfect the skin)
  • Chamomile (soothe irritated skin and as mild analgesic)

Then here comes the clever part.  The last 3 bottles are ‘Magic Oil’, simply rice bran oil but labeled with a red, blue and yellow sticker.  Daniela showed these to my daughter and said if she ever has a headache, tummy ache etc she can ask for the ‘Magic Oil’.  Since then, if she’s feeling unwell, she has demanded ‘Magic Oil’ and as if by magic, I’ve not had to turn to medicine!  I can also attest to the lavender for soothing itchy bites and the calendula for clearing up an odd, red rash on my face.

Native Essentials has some great products to pack on your travels including:

  • Baby Bugs Off
  • Baby After Bite
  • Little Traveller Kit
  • Jetlag Kit

Even if you’re a bit sceptical (trust me, I am always the first to run for the meds!), have a browse of her gorgeous, soothing website, you might just surprise yourself!

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