Never Mind The Toothbrush – Items Travellers Shouldn’t Be Without

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Never Mind the Toothbrush — Items Travellers Shouldn’t Be Without

Every blogger understands the importance of a trusty laptop and accessories. When purchasing new technology even on a city commute to the office requires some fore-thought in terms of durability and accessibility. For travel bloggers reliable, functional kit is paramount, so here are suitable laptops and must-have accessories travellers would appreciate, particularly travel bloggers.

A fine trio of travel laptops

MacBook Pro with Retina display

The MacBook Pro is a handy laptop for travel bloggers looking to utilise creative applications. Its compact size and light weight make it pretty good for when you have to work on the move (or even if you just want to type a few reflections on the train). The metal casing offers additional protection against bumps and scrapes (hey, when you’re out on the road, it can easily happen). One smashing thing about the Macbook Pro is that you can run lots of applications at once, thanks to the dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Iris Pro graphics card. The screen clarity is unbeatable featuring over 4 million pixels in its retina display.

Split x2 i3 4 500

The Split x2 from HP is ideal for bloggers on the move. It can operate as both a laptop and a tablet, simply by splitting the screen away from the keyboard. This makes it really useful if you’re a travel blogger of no fixed abode for a while, since you can make use of the camera function and portability of the tablet. You can also save time by not having to transfer data from the tablet to the laptop. 500 GB — that’s plenty of storage space for your articles and pictures!

Toshiba Satellite Pro L830-17T

The Toshiba Satellite lightweight design makes it a fine travel companion for bloggers looking to document their adventures from city to city, country to country and, who knows, maybe one day planet to planet! The TruBrite HD High Brightness display makes it versatile in any situation and especially useful when there’s less light — for instance, while travelling overnight. The battery life is 4.4 hours, leaving you plenty of time to type up your latest adventure. If you want to connect but aren’t sure how, the laptop has various options to make joining the rest of the world in cyberspace that bit easier.

Not a crowd — three great travel accessories

Wenger SwissGear Mythos Backpack

This laptop backpack is great for carrying your laptop safely as well as having enough space for anything else you need on a day trip out. It’s nice and sturdy and won’t let you down.

Logitech M185 2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Mouse

You can’t be messing around with a fiddly touchpad while you’re out and about on your travels. This handy piece of kit makes it effortless to use your laptop while you’re on your travels.

Belkin 1.8m High Interity VGA/SVGA Monitor Extension Cable

If there’s such a thing as must-have cables, then this is the one for a travel blogger. You can connect to a TV or monitor wherever you are in the world! If not, start learning a language so you can appreciate the literature, or even pass the time with the magazines, of the country you’re visiting.

Those are just a few of the tools that a travel blogger can use to document their adventures as they trot around the globe. Travel is an enlightening experience, and it should also be a leisurely one too. These accessories can help make it happen.


Happy Travels!

Happy Travels!

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