Notes on a Trunki

After a year’s hibernation, the Trunki recently made an reappearance.  My daughter found it in a cupboard, excitedly packed it full of plastic food and crayons and announced that was what she was taking as her hand luggage.Waiting on Trunki

Off I trotted with the 4 year old and the 21 mth old on our longhaul flight from Hong Kong to London. Was bringing the Trunki a good idea?  Jury’s still out but here are my thoughts….

On the plus side

  • Kids get excited about packing it for holiday
  • You can jam a lot of your stuff in it too
  • Watching them wheel it through the airport is quite satisfying.  Watching myself lug it through the airport, not so satisfying.
  • Great place to sit on in the immigration queue
  • Useful for wedging between airline seats so your kids can put their feet up and create a bed
  • Great for transporting toddler from A to B but…

On the down side

  • Not so great for transporting two kids from A to B.  If you are travelling on your own with more than one child, you can’t pull two Trunkis.  You also can’t fit them both on one (I tried and it ended in tears).  Unless you have a child who doesn’t mind walking or two who are happy to take it in turns and share (not mine) then it’s not going to work.
  • Steering is a bit tricky.  Don’t attempt a corner too quickly and don’t take your eyes off the Trunki!
  • You will end up carrying it


What are your thoughts on the Trunki?


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  1. 21stcenturymummy

    I groaned when a friend got my daughter a trunki. Yes, kids like sitting on them and pulling them around, but there are several design flaws:

    Hard to open even for an adult
    The corners are not square, so things like books don’t fit in probably and end up taking more space than they should
    When you close the top, everything falls to the bottom.
    When you open it one plane, everything falls out. there should be compartments.

    Her trunki is in the wardrobe, replaced by a trolley case, which is so much more practical.

    1. Nicola

      Couldn’t agree with you more, there really are so many design flaws. I also forget how to open it EVERY TIME

  2. Jo addison

    My son got a Trunki for his first birthday, and I have to admit that I haven’t taken it abroad with us on holiday yet. The reason is that I know I will end up carrying it and I have enough bags to carry without the Trunki too. He loves taking it away on nights away in the UK (when we are travelling by car) but I tend to ‘forget’ about it when we are flying. Hopefully that will change as he gets older and can carry it for longer at airports. He loves playing with it in the house though!

    1. Nicola

      It’s a brilliant toy for playing in the house. My daughter’s always ‘packing it for a picnic’!

  3. mother.wife.me (@motherwifeme)

    Yip, have to say I agree on all scores – we have the exact same Trunki (obligatory colour combo for a girl I guess!!)

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