Product Review: Baby Polar Gear Booster Seat

What do you do when there isn’t a highchair?  Feeding a wriggly baby on your lap isn’t much fun.

First we tried the Gro Travel Harness.  It’s a clever contraption:  essentially a cloth harness that you can strap to the chair.  However, although it’s incredibly lightweight it’s really not that comfortable for a child to be in for long.

So we upgraded to the Polar Gear Booster.  More bulky, but much more comfortable.  It has the same seat as the Gro harness, but it is all joined on to a booster cushion.  This makes it much more comfortable and stable.  It was a great piece of kit on holiday, and also came in handy on a theatre trip.

Available to buy online at lots of places.  Retails on Amazon for £18, link is below:


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