5 Of The Best Kids Wheeled Suitcases


My 4.5 year old turned to me this morning and said ‘I want a proper suitcase to wheel the next time we fly’.  Up until now I have never let her bring her own wheeled suitcase.  It can be a real pain if your child decides halfway across the airport that they don’t want to wheel it and so I usually make her wear a backpack.  But for our next trip, I have decided to let her wheel her case as she’s old enough to take responsibility for it.

When buying a children’s suitcase, you need to bear the following in mind:

  • Is the handle at the right height for the child?
  • Does it wheel well?
  • Is there an adult’s strap attached in case you do need to lug it through the airport?
  • What’s the storage like?  Whilst some have an intricate, child friendly design, it often means they’ve compromised on storage space.

There are tonnes on the market from cheapo Disney knock offs at the market to remote-controlled luggage (I don’t really get it but check out the Rastar Remote Bumblebee).  Here are my favourites:

  1. Skip Hop Zoo Luggage
    Skip Hop are a fun, reliable kids brand from Australia. Their ‘Zoo’ luggage features all their animal characters from the Ladybug to the Owl.  It’s easy to roll, has decent storage with a water bottle on the side. There’s also a removable parent strap.
    urban baby zoo little kid luggageGBP 39 available from Amazon (photo credit www.urbanbaby.com.au)
  2. Cabin Max Bear Childrens Luggage Carry On ‘Bear’
    Cabin Max are a UK brand who manufacture suitcases with the aim to maximising your cabin baggage allowance. Their children’s offering, the ‘bear’ will win over any child as they can store their teddy or dolly in the front harness.  The bag is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and has multiple pockets and a bottle holder.  Be warned the bear is not included!
    Daisy with Cabin MaxGBP 25 available from Cabin Max
  3. LittleLife Animal Wheelie Duffle
    LittleLife are the brains behind the toddler backpacks (a life saver in airports!)  They have some fantastic animal suitcases which are easy to roll. Due to the shape, there’s perhaps not as much storage as in other kids suitcases. However, as it’s padded it feels more durable than others.  The handle has two heights (although not quite tall enough for an adult).
    LittleLife Animal Wheelie DuffleGBP 39 available from Amazon
  4. Skoot Children’s Travel Suitcase
    I couldn’t help but include the Skoot as I adore the design and I think it’s a nice alternative to the Trunki. They are pricey but the reviews are great and this could make whizzing through an airport more fun. The case has a full steering column makes it easy for kids to steer with a carry strap for parents.  Suitable for 3+, it doesn’t have as much storage as other suitcases and also can be tricky to open and close.
    SkootGBP 50 available from Amazon  (photo credit Playpennies)
  5. Intelex Trolli
    What I love about the Intelex Trolli’s is that they have a removable backpack. They are soft, fluffy and cheaper than the above cases.  This is a good one for younger kids.
    Intelex TrolliGBP 10 available from Amazon

If there’s a brand that you think deserves to be on this list, please let me know!  

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