7 Tips For Buying A Children’s Wheelie Suitcase

With the holiday season approaching, there are so many travel related gifts that you can buy the kids. One idea for a present is to buy a child their own wheelie/trolley suitcase. There are so many on the market from the uber pricey but super cool Beatrix NY wheelie bags (make one in adult size!) to the ever reliable and durable Skip Hop Zoo Rolling Luggage.  

Skip Hop Monkey Luggage

However, it pays to be smart when buying a wheelie suitcase for your munchkin (she says having spent many an airport experience having to carry her children’s luggage in addition to her own).

Here are my top tips on what to look for when you’re buying luggage for children:

  1. How high is that telescopic handle?  It’s worth getting one that will last a few years of growth spurts.  
  2. On the subject of the handle – is it easy for a child to grip?  My daughter found the handle of the GoVinci trolley quite difficult to pull on.
  3. Does it have an adjustable ‘parent’ strap? Trust me, you will end up dragging/carrying it yourself so this is very useful!
  4. Is the bag sturdy?  Or does it fall over when you stand it upright. Sturdier bags can be useful for kids to sit on but pliable fabric bags are able to store more items and easily squished onto a plane or in car boot.  We love our LittleLife Animal Wheelie Duffle for sturdiness and squishability.
    Daisy & LittleLife - shrink
  5. Are you considering a Trunki? I’m on the fence about whether to recommend one or not.  About a year ago I reviewed it and really thought it was brilliant. But then we had an incident where my daughter came flying off one so now I’m not so sure.  They are good in a queue though…
    Trunki - perfect for queues
  6. Does it have a decent amount of storage and/or pockets?  Great bags are those that have room for a water bottle and plenty of mesh pockets inside.  There’s nothing worse than opening your kids luggage to be hit in the face by crayons, juice boxes, loose raisins and soft toys.
  7. If you think your child won’t pull a suitcase (and the likelihood is if they are under 3, they probably won’t) then buy them a cool backpack instead!
    Junior Backpack


I am not affiliated to any of the brands mentioned above. We also love to test out kids luggage so if you have a product you think we might enjoy then please do get in touch.


  1. Dan

    We got some really cool ones that have a seat for the teddy bear on the outside – sort of a pair of underpants they slip in to, then arm straps go over the bears shoulders. They have lasted a few years and the only real problem is the speed wobbles followed by a crash every now and then 🙂


  2. 21stcenturymummy

    I hate Trunkis! I think they have lots of potential but the design of the interior is awful. It needs to be a proper rectangle shape and designed so the everything in the top section doesn’t fall into the bottom section when it is opened. The only thing I like about them is that my kids love sitting on them and being wheeled about.

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