Stylish Portable Playmat From Avery Row

Now that my kids are older, I often look at certain baby products and say ‘damn, I wish that was around a few years ago!’  One such example is the amazing Fly-Tot which I can hopefully eek out a bit longer on longhaul flights.  The other is this the most stylish and chic portable playmat from Avery Row.  My friend Nicole recently tested out the Go Everywhere Mat with beautiful baby Beau.  


Who is Avery Row?

The ladies behind Avery Row are British designers who simply wanted luxurious and stylish baby items that parents were happy to own. In their words ‘Something useful that you can take everywhere, and not compromise your own style’.  

The look

The Go Everywhere Mat (GEM) looks like a stylish yoga mat.  The mat comes in 4 unisex soft geometric prints in a fresh colour palette and measures 70 x 70 cm.


How does it work?

The mat can either slide easily into a nappy bag or use the accompanying yellow leather strap to carry around over your arm or hook onto a buggy.


How comfortable is it?

The mat is cushioned so you can easily use indoor or outdoors.  There is a waxed cotton base making it water-resistant and hard-wearing. More importantly you can stick it in the washing machine.

Where can I get one?

Avery Row products are designed and manufactured in the UK and you can purchase here from their website.  The Go Everywhere Mat is pricey (GBP 65) so this is a great idea if you’re looking for a special gift or perhaps a group office maternity purchase. They currently ship worldwide excluding the US and Canada.



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