Baby Bag Review: Skip Hop Bento

I do love a bag.  I used to love prancing through the airport with a slouchy leather number filled with facial mist, moisturiser and magazines.  But when you have young children, your bag requirements change.  All of a sudden you have to start packing annoying things like bottles, changing mats and snacks.  Whilst I used to care about how ‘on trend’ my bag was, now I want to make sure it’s got lots of pockets, ample storage and insulated sections.

I recently tested out the Skip Hop ‘Bento’ (great name, could almost be designer).  It comes in a range of colours from a stylish olive to peculiar orange.  The bag is chemical free (you know those nasty BPA/PVC things) and can be worn over the shoulder or clipped to a buggy.

Skip Hop Bento Buggy

I wanted to give the bag a rigorous testing so I took it to China with my 4 and 2 yo and my friend Laura took it to Bali with her 8 mth old.  A big thanks to Laura for the content, I nod in agreement with what she says below…


Skip Hop Bento

Without a doubt the best thing is the bag has a fab little food section which neatly stores four food containers with an iced freezer bag on top to keep everything cool. It doesn’t even take up much space as has been built into the bottom of the bag and is easily accessible via a zip. Doesnt sound much but is ingenious when in 30 degree plus temps and out for the day and needing to take food and drink with you.  The insulated side pockets are useful for storing bottles with formula / milk. 

I also liked the several pockets inside the bag that were a decent size and not so small you couldnt fit things in – I could put bibs and toys and dummies and not lose them.  The bag also had a little changing mat which was handy. 


Its big. No getting away from this. And bulky. It’s also a little uncomfortable as the shoulder strap kept getting twisted but that could just have been me !

In Conclusion..

Overall this is a great bag if, like me, you end up packing everything but the kitchen sink and then cant find any of it when you need it and get all flustered and lose things.

The bag is pricey at HKD 899 so I would recommend testing it out in a store to see if you find it comfortable.  It also fits a laptop and A4 pad easily so could double as your nappy bag/work bag!

There are one or two things that could be improved but overall its a winner.


In Hong Kong, the Skip Hop Bento is available at Bumps To Babes, Mothercourt, Rainbow care, Baby Central, Baby & Me, Our Baby, Little Whale and other leading retailers.

Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Skip Hop Bento for review by Bloom & Grow.  I was not paid for this review and this is all mine (and Laura’s) opinion!

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