Best Travel Headphones For Kids

It has taken me a while to get round to purchasing kids headphones.  For the last few years I’ve either loaned them mine, stolen the Cathay kids plastic ones or forced them to play things on mute.

Despite this I’ve realised that kids headphones should be a travel essential for the following reasons:

  1. You can limit the volume so you don’t have to panic they are decimating their ear drums.  
  2. They actually fit on their head and are much more comfortable for little ears.
  3. They come with a splitter so you can have both kids watching the same device.
  4. They are a bit more durable than your average headphones.
  5. Travel ones will often come with a jack allowing you to plug into the airline entertainment system.

There are seemingly endless pairs on the market from the popular Kidz Gear to the pricey Nabi.  We tested out several on a recent US roadtrip. Without doubt my favourites are the LilGadgets Connect+ Children’s Wired Headphones.

Daisy with Lil Gadgets Headphones

What’s good about the LilGadgets CONNECT+ is that although they have a foldable design and come with a handy travel pouch, they feel mighty durable which is important when you have kids intent on squashing them.  My daughter proclaimed the soft rubber design to be very comfortable and was of course delighted they were pink (they come in 5 colours).  Also useful is the ‘shareport’ which means you can connect multiple headphones without a splitter.  They ensure a max volume of 93db and are sized to fit 2+.  In Asia, you can purchase through www.wondertoys.com.sg (for shipping to HK there is a flat rate of SGD8 regardless of how many sets purchased). Headphones are approx. USD $35

Sky Buddy Headphones 2

We also tested the  BuddyPhones by Onandoff, which are sized to fit 3+.  They come in a range of fun colours with decorative stickers which is a nice touch.  I bought mine from a neighbour but here are a list of their distribution partners in Hong Kong and beyond.  Approx. USD $25

If you want to spend a bit more cash, the next step up is to purchase a pair of children’s wireless bluetooth headphones.  What I like about these is you don’t have the panic of kids getting twisted up in the wire.  Again, Lilgadgets have some lovely looking headphones made from breathable mesh and you can use up to 30 feet from the paired device.  They are expensive at approx. USD $50 so may be best for older kids who can responsibly look after them!


Have you bought a pair of children’s headphones?  What brand do you recommend?



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  1. MummyTravels

    I’ve just bought my daughter her first pair too – we’ve got the Griffin Kazoo Myphones which seemed to have great reviews. Sturdy, comfy, volume limited and penguins – perfect.

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