Card Games For Young Kids

shuffle frozen

I’m in the throes of packing for our Christmas holiday to Thailand.  At 6 and 4, my girls are suddenly of the age where it’s fun to play card games together.  Card games are perfect for family travel as they don’t take up too much space (unlike their entire American Girl doll collection).  We aren’t at Texas Hold’em level just yet but here are some ideas of what we are taking on our hols:

  1. Shuffle Frozen Card Game
    This highly addictive game of match the ice crystals is very clever. So much so it took me a few minutes to actually figure out how to play the game.  This is a game for 2-4 players where you match the halves and make whole snow crystals.  The game can become quite elaborate so you require decent table space!  
    Disney Shuffle FrozenMy 6yo loves it, my 4yo plays her own random version.  What’s great about the Shuffle range is that you can then download a free app which reveals an additional game to play with your existing cards.  There are lots of different games available from Shuffle including Cluedo, Cars and Disney Monopoly.Shuffle Frozen Card Game is GBP 8.90 – click here for more information on where to buy
  2. Shopkins Top Trumps
    Has your house become invaded by Shopkins?  In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Shopkins are tiny grocery themed toy collectibles.  They all have fabulous names like ‘Marsha Mellow’ and ‘Sunny Screen’.  If your kid can read and recognise numbers then they will love the general Top Trump range.  If they are obsessed with Shopkins then this card game is a winner.
    Shopkins Top TrumpsShopkins Top Trumps is GBP 5 and available here from Amazon
  3. Frozen UNO
    UNO with a Frozen twist of course!  It took a while for my 4yo to figure it out but now she’s cracked it.  This is a perfect game to play out at a restaurant while you’re waiting for dinner. Younger kids might enjoy just matching up all the Elsas and Annas.
    Disney UnoAvailable from Amazon for GBP 7

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