Changing Bag Review: The PacaPod Samui

However fat I get, a bag will always fit.  Which is why I love them so much.  You’ve all heard me bang on about my Pacapod Picos which I use daily.  So I was delighted to test out Pacapod’s Samui, a bag made with travel in mind.

PacaPod Samui

The Samui is a cavernous shoulder bag which also packs flat.  The bag comes with a further 3 additions: a feeder pod (essentially a cooler bag), a changing pod and also a changing mat.

What I liked

  • At 555g it is soooo light.  Super essential when you’re packing ten tonnes of baby cr*p to take with you on a plane
  • This bag is absolutely huge!  There’s so much space in there, this would be a winner for mums of multiples
  • I love the changing and feeder pods.  This will save you packing your own changing bag etc.
  • The bag and the feeder/changing pod all pack flat.  Very useful, you could pack it all into your suitcase very easily if you want to use it at your destination.
    Samui flat pack

    Changing & Feeder Pod unzipped

    Feeder pod & changing pod

    Changing & Feeder pod ready to go!

  • Clips easily onto a buggy
  • Everything is wipe clean which it needs to be when there are kids and travel involved.
  • The ‘Samui’ – what a cool name.  PacaPod founder, Jacqueline Waggett names her bags after places she travelled to and the Samui was inspired by the colours of Thailand.  Koh Samui is also one of my absolute favourite holiday destinations.

What I would improve

  • Overall, I absolutely love this bag.  I would love to see some more simple designs for those who don’t necessarily like a colourful print
Me & Samui bag

Tested it out by stuffing as much as possible in to it! Still lightweight…

The Pacapod is GBP 60 and available to buy at their online store


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a PacaPod Samui and was not paid for this review.

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