Cheeki Water Bottle & Nude Food Mover Tube Review

From October 1st this year, San Francisco will start banning the sale of water in plastic bottles.  There are various phases and it won’t be until 2018 that they will be vanished in their entirety but its a great start and wonderful example for other cities around the world.
So what do we think about stainless steel water bottles?  Cheeki is an Australian brand who sell a range of stainless steel products from flasks to food jars.  We tested out their 350ml Fairies water bottle, a product that has now become my daughter’s favourite water bottle (I mean look at the picture, it’s pink with fairies on it).
Cheeki waterbottle
On the upside…
  • Four year olds don’t really care too much about whether the bottle is going to be good for them or will reduce plastic landfill. They care about what it looks like and this is where Cheeki have it nailed.  My daughter loves her ‘Fairies’ bottle but all the designs from ‘Pirate’ to ‘Traffic’ are brilliant.
  • The bottle is a great size and can hold 350ml of liquid.  
  • Kids drink through the ‘twist lid’ which you have to twist open to be able to drink.  Once twisted closed and the lid shut down firmly, there’s no spillage!
  • The stainless steel means that cold drinks are kept cold.
  • The bottle itself is stainless steel with no lining and no dodgy chemicals lurking around.  The lid is BPA free.
On the downside…
  • Not really a negative but this is a bottle for an older kid i.e. 4 upwards.  I just don’t think my 2 year old would remember to always twist the lid closed before closing it and causing a spillage!
  • At HKD $169 it isn’t cheap.  However, I think it’s a good lesson for your child to own an eco-friendly water bottle, bring it wherever they go and learn about the environmental impact of plastic water bottle pollution.
  • Cheeki advise handwashing the bottle to keep it looking its best. If you must run it through the dishwasher, use a gentle cycle and don’t include the lid.

Cheeki water bottle 2

The best way to keep kids quiet whilst travelling is to keep them snacking.  I always love to bring my own snacks from home so that I can save money and know that what they’re eating is vaguely healthy.  Nude Food Movers have a range of chemical free food storage products from lunch boxes to snack pots.
Nood food mover
We tested out the triple tube – essentially a tall tube that detaches into 3 separate food storage units.
On the upside
  • Perfect for packing – I much prefer the tube over a rectangle/square box for packing into my handbag or suitcase
  • Flexible – you’ve got 3 pots for 3 different snacks or 3 different kids!
  • Lightweight
  • Nasty chemical free

On the downside

  • Only one of the pots will have the lid so if you need to have the pots separated, with lids on, then the tube won’t work for you
  • Much better for older kids e.g. 3+ who can easily hold a pot and doesn’t require it to have one of those ‘snackpot’ style lids to ensure no spillage

Nood food mover 2

Cheeki Water Bottle (350ml) – RRP HKD $169
Available in various patterns: Owl, Monkey, Pirates, dinosaurs, butterfly, fairies and traffic.
Sold at: Tiny Footprints & Bookazine stores (Hong Kong)

Nude Food Mover Triple Tube – RRP HKD $99
Colours: pink, blue, lime and white
Sold at: Tiny Footprints, bumps to babes, baby central, Bookazine, Hip little bubba (Hong Kong)


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Cheeki water bottle and Nude Food Mover tube for review.  I wasn’t paid for this review and this is all my opinion!

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