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Zoom Kids

I’m one of those annoying parents who is always trying to limit screen time for my kids. It’s a bit hypocritical as I’m a phone addict, although I am trying to wean myself off it and set a good example. Thus when an online educational toy store Zoom Kids asked if I would check out some of their games, I was DELIGHTED.

Zoom Kids have an array of educational card ‘board games’ on offer.  These are great to carry with you whether it’s to play on the plane, by the beach, restaurant or in the hotel room.  HurriCount, Frui10 and Splittissimo are three of their most popular mental maths games. My 6 year old daughter and I love playing HurriCount, a clever game that teaches kids to count, add and compare numbers at speed.  Best of all, she hasn’t really clocked onto the fact that it’s an educational maths game.  

Hurricount - Zoom Kids

The website is very easy to use with clear descriptions detailing age range, game instructions etc. Most of the games on the site are targeted for 5+.  Best of all there’s free shipping in Hong Kong and a special discount for schools and educational centres.

In addition to the games, you’ll find some cute soft toys and educational books.  In fact the ‘Lift-the-Flap Fractions and Decimals’ book is likely to be my next purchase (although I’m sure my daughter would rather be playing HurriCount!).

You can see all the products at their online store http://www.zoomkids.hk/ or contact them through their Facebook page.

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