Genius Baby Monitor Apps: iSitter and Cloud Baby Monitor

I haven’t travelled with a baby monitor for a long time.  However, we were recently stayed in a fairly child unfriendly villa where our lounge/dining room was set at least three levels down from our bedroom.  It was only after checking on the kids every 15 minutes when we had our Eureka moment – download a baby monitor app on our iPhones!

There are various baby monitor apps available through the app store.  Essentially you leave one of your phones in the children’s bedroom as the ‘Child Unit’ and then take the other phone with you to be used as the ‘Parent Unit’.  You must make sure that your WIFI network can cover the range of both iPhones.

We started off using iSitter which is a free app that I’ve reviewed in the past.  iSitter gives you a camera image every 10 seconds.  

Our iSitter feed

Our iSitter feed

Then I saw my friends using another app which had real time video footage.  I was totally sold and paid the USD $3.99 to download it.  Enter Cloud Baby Monitor – an ingenious must-have for a travelling parent!

How does it work?

  • Download the app to both phones
  • Start the app on both phones.  Select ‘Child Unit’ for the phone you’ll leave in your kids bedroom.  Prop it up somewhere you can easily see your child.
  • Select ‘Parent Unit’ on the other phone & disappear to the pool to drink a gin & tonic

Cloud Baby Monitor then shows real time video footage in high quality with good audio.  The night vision ensures you can see your baby sleeping in a dark room.  You can even select a night light option and play lullabies!  For those that want to talk to your baby/child, you simply press the microphone button and talk.

Cloud Baby Monitor

I think Cloud Baby Monitor is fantastic and saved us from regularly running up and down the stairs to go check on the kids (important).  If your phone has as useless a battery life as mine then make sure that both iPhones are plugged in to the charger whilst you use it.  Of course you need to make sure you have two phones available (or iPad, iPod touch or Mac) for you to use it and also to be on a WIFI that covers the area you will be in .  In addition to WIFI you can also use it over 3G and LTE although don’t forget those foreign roaming charges!

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