Guidebook Review – The Little LUXE Hong Kong

I remember years ago when I received my very first LUXE guide.  I had moved to Tokyo and my rather sophisticated friend Rhiannon bought me one so that when she came to visit, we could hang out in sophisticated places.  I’ve always loved the LUXE guides and was delighted when the Little LUXE brand came out – yes a chic and sophisticated guidebook for family travel.
Little LUXE Hong Kong
I was recently sent a 2nd edition of the Little LUXE Hong Kong to review.  It’s always funny to receive a guidebook for your own city as you can really scrutinise whether they’ve got all the great spots covered! So, what did I think?
On the upside…
  • Lightweight and easy to stuff into an overflowing changing bag
  • Love the humorous and playful writing, makes a change from reading the usual tedious guidebooks.  
  • Superb detail – the Restaurants section in particular is not only useful for newbies but as a 7 year resident in Hong Kong, it was great to see some new suggestions.  They also include suggestions for all over Hong Kong, from Stanley to the New Territories.
  • At US $9.99 it’s good value for money

On the downside…

  • Really very little! If I was quibbling then I would have loved a map.  But then if you want a map, you probably wouldn’t buy a LUXE guide.


For more on the LUXE guides check out their website.  I wish they would hurry up and write one for my trip to Phuket next week!  

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  1. globetotting.com

    We’re also a big fan of Luxe Guides! It’s great that they are doing Little Luxe now. For Phuket, you should check out the KidsGo guide (http://www.havenbooksonline.com/books/catalogue/kidsgo-phuket). It’s good!

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