Kids App Review – Wee Kids Compilation Vol 1

I do love a good old educational app for kids.  It makes me feel justified in handing over the iPhone on a long car ride or plane journey.  I recently reviewed Wee Kids Stickers and Wee Kids Puzzles by Ebooks&Kids which were both excellent for young kids.

Wee Kids Compilation

For 4+, I recommend taking a look at Wee Kids Compilation – Vol 1.  The game offers lots of variety from memory, shape recognition to sequences and observation.  I tested it out on my four year old and she absolutely loved it.  She is still a bit too young to complete all 15 activities on her own as there are some spelling and maths games but she loved playing it and I really felt she was training her brain!  In fact I happily spent a tube journey home playing it and realising that my four year old might be cleverer than me.

The game is available from the app store here and costs GBP 1.99 to download.  


Jetlag & Mayhem received the game from Ebooks&KIds.  I was not paid for this review and it is all my opinion!

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