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Going a bit off topic today to talk about my second passion which is food and cookery!  As a blogger I get invited to experience various different activities and don’t normally attend unless it’s related to family travel. However when the ABC Cooking Studio asked if I wanted to try out a kids cooking class with my daughter, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon.

ABC Cooking Studio is a famous Japanese brand who have branches all over Japan and now two in Hong Kong.  Their main Hong Kong studio is a spacious kitchen within the super cool PMQ complex in Central.  In addition to adult cooking courses, they offer some cute kids cooking classes.


The kids class takes approx. two hours and is perfectly tailored for little people from kids chef outfits to an adjustable workbench which allowed my 5yo to reach the stove properly.  We took part in a class that taught us how to make two desserts from one egg!

ABC Cooking Studio

Our instructor was wonderful – she was very patient and spent time explaining the chemistry behind the cooking (in basic kids terms). Who knew that was how gelatine makes food set!  My 5yo had so much fun making the strawberry marshmallow and custard pudding.


Under the watchful eye of our instructor, my 5yo was left to stir hot things on the stove and also use the electric whisk (I never let her do this at home!). I like the fact that the desserts were a bit more tricky than the usual biscuits and cupcakes we bake together but easy enough that we can replicate them at home.


I loved watching my daughter learn to cook and I would definitely recommend the classes at ABC Cooking Studio to any budding chefs.

What you need to know…

Kids courses start from May 2015. Prices are as follows

6 Lessons Valid for 6 months, HKD $2640;

12 Lessons Valid for 12 months, HKD $5040 

On March and April 2015, they will hold a kids trial lesson [Strawberry marshmallow and custard pudding]

The original price for this trial is $380. If you like their Facebook page [ABC Cooking Studio HK], there is a discount price of $200 for a kid age between 4 to 8 years old with an adult over 20 to attend the trial lesson.

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