Kids Sunglasses Review: Frankie Ray by Eyetribe

When it comes to buying kids sunglasses you need to remember two things.  They may not wear them and they will probably lose them.  That said, UV rays are dangerous for our children’s eyes so if you’re planning to spend time in the sun, buy a decent pair.

I’m a big fan of Squids kids sunglasses, especially the Mini Squids which have a strap that actually keeps the sunglasses on the head.  However, as my two are getting older, they are starting to demand a more ‘fashionable’ pair i.e. bigger and pinker.  Luckily the makers of Squids, Eyetribe, have a great range of kids sunglasses, ‘Frankie Ray’.  Think fashionable, well made kids sunglasses at a decent price.

Frankie Ray Kids Sunglasses

Each pair offers 100% UV protection and comes with a handy PVC zip case.  Suitable for kids age 3+, they feel sturdy and look pretty cool.  More importantly the ‘picnic check’ design satisfies my girls needs to have all things pink.

They aren’t cheap (HKD $249) but if you’re going to buy sunglasses for your kids, you need to make sure that they are the real deal in terms of UV protection.  

Frankie Ray

In Hong Kong Frankie Ray are available at Bumps to Babes,Dymocks, Metrobooks, Metropole Department Store, Ourbaby, Mini-Me and all leading retailers.  Overseas, check the Eyetribe website for stockists or to order online.


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a pair of Frankie Ray sunglasses for review. I was not paid for this and it is my opinion!

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  1. Luke Mitchell

    The only trouble with spending a fortune on kids sunglasses is that they DO lose them, even with a strap, and the alternative is buying cheap ones that it matters less when they lose them, but don’t cut out enough of the harmful UV rays. There must be a better balance for mid range sunglasses for little peepers so it isn’t costing a fortune.

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