Kids Travel Pillow Review: The BenBat Savannah Leopard Headrest

Last week I shared with you my tips on getting kids to sleep on an airplane.  I find getting them comfy with some ‘special travel friends’ helps – whether that’s a snuggly blanket, cuddly toy or a travel pillow.  Both of my kids (5 and 3yo) are owners of BenBat Head & Neck Support Pillows.  They have a huge range from Panda to Dog to Cyclops (bit scary that one) and Cat.  As a lover of all things animal print, I’m quite tempted to steal my daughter’s Savannah Leopard Headrest…


There are two sizes available, infant (1-4yrs) and regular (5 yrs +).  Now I’m not going to say that these headrests will ensure your children get to sleep on the flight. But they do love them and provide an added layer of comfort when flying. I also like using them in long car journeys when the kids fall asleep and their heads tend to flop to one side.

The headrest is double-sided with a warm furry fabric for the winter and a soft cooler fabric for the summer. It connects at the front with magnets.

Should I buy one?

Why not. If you use a head support pillow, why shouldn’t your kids.  They might not use it all the time but mine get quite excited about having it onboard. Quite frankly anything that promotes sleep on a plane gets the thumbs up from me!

Where can I buy one?

In Hong Kong you’ll find them (approx. HKD 179) at Bumps To Babes, ToysRUs, Dymocks, Ourbaby and other retailers. Elsewhere you can buy on Amazon.



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