Kingdom Stroller Buggy Rental In Orlando, Florida

Perhaps your kids have only just outgrown their stroller BUT you know your vacation would be easier with one?  Or you usually travel with a single stroller but might like the convenience of a double stroller? Well on my sister’s recent trip to Florida they hired a Baby Jogger City Mini Double from Kingdom Strollers and it was so easy! Over to Georgina for the full review……..

Our children are aged 6 and (almost) 4 and we haven’t used a buggy for years, with one exception. Disney. We borrowed an old double buggy for our trip to Disneyland Paris last year, and I knew that we would want one for our trip to Walt Disney World this year.

Why use a buggy at Disney? Two main reasons:

  • All the walking! It’s incredible how much ground you can cover in a day at a theme park. Even just the walk from the car to the park entrance (or transport) can feel long for little legs. We also used it in the evenings when we went anywhere for dinner where we couldn’t park right outside, for example at Disney Springs.
  • Each day we took drinks, snacks, raincoats, small toys (stickers, fidget spinners, autograph books) and a camera. The buggy gave us tons of storage, so we even had additional room for a small coolbag. I simply took a small bag for valuables when we left the buggy to go on rides.

Why hire a buggy at our destination?

  • We don’t have one any more! Our kids have refused to sit in a buggy for years, apart from on last year’s trip to Disneyland Paris.
  • Avoided the hassle of taking it with us on the flight, and fitting it into our rental car along with all of our luggage.
  • We only had it when we actually needed it (ie for our days at Disney) rather than lugging it around with us for our whole trip.

How it worked – Kingdom Strollers made it very easy

  • Filled in a simple online form.
  • Buggy was waiting for us at our hotel reception on our arrival.
  • It was named, and included a raincover and coolbag. It was a Baby Jogger City Mini Double. I had specifically chosen this model because it’s a dream to push, even when loaded up with two heavy kids and lots of stuff.  
  • On departure, we simply left the buggy in the hotel reception.

Top Tips for Buggy Rental in Florida!

  • Do it! It’s so worth having a buggy for tired legs at Disney
  • Check your car boot space. We hired an SUV so we had no problems fitting the double buggy in our boot, but might have struggled with a smaller car boot, or if we’d needed to have the buggy in the boot at the same time as our luggage
  • Use the raincover. The weather in Florida can be incredibly changeable. We learnt that even on a beautiful sunny day, if we were leaving the buggy outside, we would pull the sunhoods down and open the raincover over it.
  • Pack your ‘hand luggage’ well. When you enter the Disney parks you’ll need to pull all of your stuff out of the buggy for security checks. So don’t just tip a load of random junk in there. I sorted our things into categories (snacks, raincoats, changing, and toys) and zipped them up into packing cubes (labelled with a sharpie).

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