Mexican Food, California Style At Hong Kong’s Cali-Mex

One of the perks of being a family travel blogger is that I often get invited to try out new things. They aren’t always family travel related, case in point today’s review of Hong Kong’s very own US/Mexican inspired joint, Cali-Mex.  I work opposite the Cali-Mex in Wanchai (they have 11 stores) and often find myself with a salad or burrito particularly if I’m hungover (original beef, medium spice in case you want woo me).  But I never really thought of it as a place to take the kids.  Until they invited me down with the family to try out the kids menu.


Cali-Mex was inspired by two friends on a summer road trip from America to Mexican who ate their way across the border trying to have the best Mexican eats.  It prides itself on making everything from scratch using fresh ingredients flown in from Australia.  


Now my 6 year old’s idea of Mexican food was the edible nacho party hat from Despicable Me 2.  She was somewhat disappointed when I informed her that wasn’t on the menu but soon perked up when she saw the chicken & cheese quesadillas.  In addition to kids quesadillas, there’s a choice of kids burrito (beef or chicken), which are delicious.

The surprise hit of the meal amongst the kids was the adult chicken salad served in a crispy taco shell.  They devoured the chicken salad (always helps when it’s smothered in delicious guacamole) and attacked the taco shell itself, proclaiming that to be the best part.  The kids meals are accompanied with a healthy juice alternative, Jax Coco Kidz flavoured coconut water. Unsurprisingly once my kids saw the colourful Jarritos (Mexican soft drink) that the adults were guzzling, they demanded to swap. Which was fine with me as I actually preferred their chocolate coconut water!


All in all it was a fun outing to Cali-Mex.  Service is quick, the seating area is colourful and relaxed and the food is delicious.  In fact typing this is making me want one of their burritos right now!


A huge thanks Cali-Mex for inviting us down to sample their goods. I was not paid for this review and am not affiliated to Cali-Mex. Although you’ll quite often find me in there on a friday morning….  Fans can hashtag #ilovecalimex to win a $200 HKD voucher every week.
If you are disappointed that this is about a restaurant review and not a family travel inspired piece then why not check out my New Mexico Roadtrip which includes lots more pictures of delicious Mexican style food.

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