Mifold Booster Seat Review

Every now and again, a brilliant gadget comes on the market, which improves how we travel. The inflatable flight cushion was a total game changer for longhaul flights. Now car safety has just got a lot more practical with the mifold, a compact child booster seat that is smaller for an iPad.  Great for times when you have an extra child to bring home for a playdate. Or better still in my home of Hong Kong where people think nothing of having their kids ride in the back of the taxi without even a seatbelt to keep them safe (yes really).

What is the mifold?

A portable booster sit that you can easily tote around town in your handbag or keep in the boot of your car. The seat folds up to 10in x 5in and weighs 750g.

How does it work?

Unlike a traditional ‘booster’ seat, the mifold brings the seatbelt down to the correct height, rather than lifting the child up. The mifold unfolds easily and has 3 width settings. After you’ve adjusted the ‘seat’, pull the lap belt through the slots either side of the child’s thighs and buckle the seatbelt. Then clip the shoulder belt an inch above the child’s shoulder.

If you want to check it out in action, here’s the mifold demo video

Who can use it?

The mifold is designed for ages 4 to 12 years old.

USA: children from 40 Ibs to 100 lbs. 

EU: children from 15kg to the height of 150cm.

Is it legit?

Yes! The mifold was designed to conform to EU regulations R44.4 and to exceed US regulations FMVSS 213 in line with IIHS Booster Belt Fit Rating and the Safety Belt Safe booster use guidelines.

It all sounds great so far, any negatives?

Feedback from my daughters was that the mifold wasn’t as comfortable as other booster seats.  For this reason I probably wouldn’t take it with us on our annual road trips where we often drive long distances. I’ll stick to either our Trunki Boostapak or a large padded booster seat that we can pack in our suitcase.

Should I get one?

This is a great piece of kit to have on hand. I don’t own a car in Hong Kong and regularly take taxis with my girls. I now carry the mifold with me when we I know we have a taxi ride ahead of us. 

I will also take it with my when I visit the UK over Easter and the Summer. Whilst I already own child booster seats for our visits, I can keep the mifold in the boot just in case I’m schlepping about other mini passengers.

How much is it?

HKD $549

Where can I get one?

You can buy online here http://carseats.hk/mifold/

Or check out this list of sellers in Hong Kong http://www.blissandbless.com/locations.htm


Have you tried the mifold out yet? What did you think?




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