Native Essentials – Little Traveller Kit

Regular readers might know I’ve embarked on a few recent detoxes and am trying to lean towards healthy choices!  This includes taking a more homeopathic approach with my kids whenever they get ill.

Native Essentials is a homegrown HK business selling plant oils and natural skincare.  I LOVED their Toddlers First Aid Kit which I use regularly so I was super excited to receive the Little Traveller Kit.

Native Essentials Little Traveller Kit 2

In a cute powder pink or blue case are four organic remedies (each 5ml) that promise to make travel easy peasy:

  • Baby Sleep (surely you’re sold on that?!) 
  • Nausea Away
  • Kids Immune Aid
  • Baby Easy Breathe

The pack also contains 4 inhalers.  Add a few drops of the desired blend to the inhaler and have them sniff away!  My four year old daughter loves the smell of the remedies and is rather taken by the pink case too.

Daniela of Native Essentials suggest you start using the ‘Baby Sleep’ blend a few days before travelling so they get familiar with the sleepy time aroma.

The Little Traveller Kit is HK $480 and available here for purchase.  If you’re headed to exotic climes, you might also want to check out the Baby Bugs Off and Baby After Bite.


I’m not affiliated in any way to Native Essentials, I just adore their products!

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