Pack a towel? The Aurorae Sport & Swim Towel Review

Aurorae Towels

One item that has never been on my roadtrip packing list is a towel.  I’ve always stayed at places where towels were provided and I never really gave much thought to having one with us.  Then I received a suggestion that a nice towel can also double up as a cosy blanket for the back seat of the car and was intrigued.  

It turned out that packing a towel for our Louisiana roadtrip turned out to be a genius suggestion.

Here’s what we used it for:

  • Beach towel
  • Pool towel
  • Shading the metal straps of the car seat when we were parked in sunlight
  • Cosy blanket for the kids
  • Mopping up spilt juice in back of car
  • Crumb catcher in hotel
  • Picnic blanket

Louisiana - yoga towel

Now if you’re going to the trouble of packing a towel, bring a decent lightweight microfiber one that will dry quickly. The eco-friendly, yoga loving folks at Aurorae sent me a beautiful Sport & Swim towel in ‘Fiji Sunset’ colour.  This is quite frankly the softest towel you’ll feel (hence why my youngest hijacked it as her blanket).  It met all our traveling criteria; lightweight yet a decent size (32 x 68″), super absorbent and compact to pack.  I really didn’t think I’d get excited by a towel but I guess that’s how I roll these days.  

Where can I buy it?

Buy online through Amazon – the towels are USD 25 and come in a range of 8 colours.


Do you pack towels for your roadtrip or rely on ones provided at your accommodation?  Any brands you recommend?


Jetlag & Mayhem is not affiliated to Aurorae and not paid for this review.  They sent us one of their lovely towels and we really liked it.

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