Personalised Kids Stickers & 10% Discount!

We live in an apartment building and I am constantly losing track of my children’s belongings.  Whether it’s a scooter left down on the podium or a pair of shoes left at a neighbour’s house, items disappear into a black hole.  

I was thus delighted to receive a package from Stickerkid full of personalised stickers and iron-on labels for my kids.  Since then, we have stickered everything (including the walls – thanks girls).  We’ve put the iron-on labels on the school uniform and personalised stickers on objects from water bottles and lunch boxes to bicycles and bags.


You can personalise your stickers/labels with your child’s name, phone number and even a cute logo (mine have a unicorn and a fairy).

Good news for you readers, if you place an order before December 15th 2013, you get 10% discount! Simply quote jetlagandmayhem2013 on checkout.

Check out the goodies available on the Stickerkid website.  Stickerkid products are made to the highest of quality in Switzerland (of course) and will ship abroad to most countries.

Happy stickering!

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