Personalised Storybook From Look It’s About Me

I have always loved books and watching my five year old learn to read over the past year has been a wonderful milestone.  On a recent flight, I sat devouring my kindle whilst she contentedly read her own books (in between pestering me for snacks).

One of her new favourites is a personalised hardback book from Look It’s About Me which she now totes everywhere with her, ‘Daisy And The Great Space Race’.  The company was started by two mums, Kathleen and Tatiana who have been building their business since 2012.  So far they have 6 stories available on the website and offer other personalized products such as wrapping paper, coloring books, wall art prints and placemats.

The books are great quality hardback books, 24 pages long.  You can add some nice personalised touches e.g. child’s name, home country, names of their friends and a message from the sender.  

Personalised book - Look It's About Me

The whole ordering process is done online, in 4 easy steps, and you should receive your order in 10 to 15 business days. Each book is USD $28.99 (HKD $224) and they can deliver anywhere in the world.

Their books are definitely worth checking out, especially as there’s a 15% off promo until June 16th!

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