Pocket Mommy – A Storybook to Help With Separation Anxiety

I was recently sent a copy of an illustrated lightweight storybook called Pocket Mommy.  The book was written by Aila Malik, a working mum of three, to help her child deal with his anxiety at daycare drop-off.  It was co-authored by her clever seven year old son Zayan.


Having dealt with this issue myself (picture my two year old frantically trying to run after me on her first day of nursery), I wish I’d had something like this to read together with her before she started.  The idea behind creating a ‘Pocket Mommy’ i.e. a paper cutout of a parent can be used all different scenarios from parents travelling away with work or even drop off at the Kids Club in a hotel.  In fact if I made my kids a paper cut out of myself and called it ‘Pocket Mommy’ for them to carry around, I think they’d be delighted and would have more fun with the pretend version of me than the real thing.

The book is short, colourful and lightweight.  It depicts a typical day at nursery/childcare so your child will relate to the story well.  There are also some guiding notes on questions you can ask your child e.g. ‘What did Pocket Mommy Do Or See Today’?  For some kids this book might just be a quick comfort tool to get them over their fear of being separated from their parents.  For others, the concept of a ‘Pocket Parent’ might allow them to open up more and talk about their day.  Anyway, take a look and see what you think for yourself!

Pocket Mommy is available for USD9.00 on Amazon

Alia Malik & son Zayan

Aila Malik & son Zayan

Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a copy of Pocket Mommy and was not paid for this review.

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