Potty Training & Travelling

Potty training my 2 year old has quite frankly, been a nightmare.  My older daughter was potty trained in 3 days with little fuss. So I just assumed that my other daughter would be the same.  However, only on our FOURTH attempt do I think we are close to cracking it.

Now anyone that’s ever potty trained a child before, will know that the best place to be at all times is in your house.  Within arm’s reach of a potty.  Real life dictates this is not possible, particularly when you are going about your daily routine or travelling.  The second time I attempted to potty train my daughter, we were headed to Vietnam and after several poo incidents, I decided to stick her in a nappy for the airport and plane journey.  Now she is 99.5% there, I tend to take a portable potty with me on a day out.  Here are a few I’ve been sent for review and my thoughts on them.

My absolutely favourite is the 2in1 Potette Plus which is a portable potty that transforms into trainer seat.  For me, this is the most ingenious potty around.

As a trainer seat it folds and fits on to most toilet seats.

Potette Plus in action on toilet

Potette Plus in action on toilet

As travel potty you unfold legs and it creates a mini potty.

Potette Plus - shrink

For use at home, you can buy a reusable liner that transforms it into a home potty.
Potette Plus Reusable Liner - shrink

It’s easy to put up & dismantle in a hurry (a necessity with a desperate to wee child!) and fairly lightweight to tote around.  The idea is that you use the biodegradable liner with it (comes with 3 and then you buy extra) or use your own plastic bags.  What I love about this potty is that there are times when a public toilet is so disgusting that I just don’t want to put a trainer seat over the top and would prefer to set up the potty.

Potette Plus HKD $149 at Baby Outlet, Tiny Footprints, Wing On and Yata Department store (Hong Kong)

Reusable liner HKD $85  at Baby Outlet, Tiny Footprints, Wing On and Yata Department store (Hong Kong)


The Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler is a fold up seat that fits on most toilets.

Cushie in action on the toilet

Cushie in action on the toilet

It’s thickly cushioned so more comfortable than most training seats.  Easy to clean and lightweight to carry around.  This one is good for those times when I don’t need an actual potty.

HKD $139 at Bumps to Babes, Baby Outlet, Mothercare, Sogo, Tiny Footprints & Wing On in Hong Kong

Cushie vs Potette - shrink

Cushie & Potette Plus folded up

All in all, best bang for your buck is the Potette Plus as you do get a 2 for 1 in the form of a potty and a trainer seat.  That said, we are in Thailand this weekend and I packed both – the Potette Plus to keep by the pool and the Cushie to put over the toilet in our bedroom.

One more option that’s worth packing if you think you might encounter questionable toilets are disposable potty covers  All the family can use these and they are super lightweight to pack.  

Parents league disposable potty covers

Parents League – Disposable Toilet Covers 20’s HKD $59 available from Baby Outlet, Mothercare, Sogo, Tiny Footprints, Wing On and Yata in Hong Kong


Jetlag & Mayhem received these products to test out.  I was not paid for this review and this is all my opinion.

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