Product Review: Gift Hampers HK

One of the perks of writing this little blog (which truly is a labour of love) is that there are some kind people out there who want to send me things to test out.  Sometimes travel related and sometimes not but most importantly if it doesn’t work or I can’t recommend it then you won’t find it posted on Jetlag & Mayhem.

Everybody loves getting presents but there really is nothing more fun than receiving an actual gift hamper.  When the doorbell rang and I was confronted by a huge bustle of ribbons, cellophane paper and all kinds of goodies, I was extremely excited.  Especially as it happened to be my birthday.

Gift Hamper HK - shrink

The people at Gift Hampers HK had put together an amazing goodie basket for us, stocked with some of their exclusive products.  They had asked me in advance how old my kids were and had put in a fantastic range of items for us all to enjoy.

Gift Hamper Contents - Shrink

We got given Christmas crackers, gourmet chocolates including Christmas chocolate lollipops, a luscious soap, old-fashioned sweets, a cuddly toy elephant and the best of all – doodle placemats!

Daisy & Doodle Placemats - shrink

Check out their website and range of hampers from Christmas and new baby to a ‘create your own’ bespoke basket.  I also love the more unusual ‘Naughty Dad’ and ‘Taste of France’.  The hampers are all well priced and include free delivery.

This is also the gift hamper that keeps on giving!  Once you’ve devoured all the treats and played with all the toys, your kids will gain hours of enjoyment from playing with the delivery box and straw paper!


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