Review Of The Constellation Universal Cabin Case

I was recently on a trip with four different airlines, each with different cabin baggage rules.  This created a lot of frustration and uncertainty; I nearly went out and bought yet more cabin bags! If only, I had known about The Constellation Universal Cabin Case.  This is exactly what it says – a cabin case that can be used on almost any airline.  
For example – Ryanair and Emirates only allow a depth of 20cm, yet Delta Airlines allow 23cm.  Sometimes these limits are rigorously enforced, with substantial charges for having to check-in a bag at the gate.  I saw someone having to pay 35gbp per bag at Prague Airport despite protestations that the offending bag had been accepted on the outward trip.
Enter the Constellation Universal Cabin Case, which I was very grateful to receive for review! For those of you who aren’t aware, Constellation are a British business with over 20 years experience selling a wide range luggage. This cabin case solves these problems; side and front zipped flaps make the case fractionally smaller or larger as required.  Unless your case is seriously over-stuffed it should even be possible to make a last-minute adjustment at the airport if you have forgotten to do this in advance.  The case is reasonably sturdy, yet it is quite lightweight at a mere 2.14kg.

Like other Constellation products, it’s practical, and it looks good.   The case comes in four colours; khaki, navy, black and raspberry. Obviously I plumped for Jetlag & Mayhem approved colour of raspberry ‘it’s nearly pink mummy’!  Packing it is easy, as mentioned above the zips round each side make it easy to expand and retract the case, in order to meet the exact restrictions of all major airlines. I also like the zipped pocket on the outside for storing travel documents and the internal zipped pocket for valuables etc.

The Universal Cabin Case is a decent wheel (there are two roller wheels) with top and side handles. The top handle is retractable by a push-button and can be adjusted depending on your height (useful if I’m trying to make my children pull it!).

The Constellation Universal Cabin Case is available on Amazon from GBP 35.

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