Review of the Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

My friend Llinos emailed this morning:

‘What do you do when your kid has grown out of the travel cot and requires a bed when travelling?’  

Well my dear, what apt timing for this post!  Many hotels/villas/holiday rentals will offer a rollaway bed or a sofabed. Some might even convert a daybed or fling a mattress on the floor for you.  

However, another option is to bring your own toddler travel bed with you!  Meet the Shrunks Indoor Truckaire Toddler Travel Bed.

What is it?

Essentially a posh inflatable bed.  Plug in the electric pump and the bed inflates within minutes – easy peasy.  Or buy the cheaper version with a foot pump and burn off a few calories.  The bed is naughty chemical free (BPA, Pthalate etc) and is very comfy.  It will fit all standard cot sheets and blankets and even better, has a clever ‘sheet tuck’ system which means that the covers are secured into the bed itself.  

The Shrunks Toddler Bed

I really liked the ‘siderails’ which are great for kids who haven’t quite figured out how to stay in bed and not roll off (perfect for my youngest daughter).  

There are two versions available, one with a manual pump and one with an electric pump. If you’ve got an electric pump and you’re taking the bed on vacation, make sure you remember to bring a plug adaptor to suit the region you’re in.

Do I recommend it?

Overall this is a great product. Whilst most hotels I know provide beds for the kids, there are times when we are in villas/holiday rentals or even at the grandparents where a portable kids bed would come in handy.  It will also be useful to have in the house for my daughter’s sleepovers.

The bed isn’t the smallest of things to pack but I was surprised by how little space it took up in my suitcase.  

My Shrunks bed packed in with my messy clothes!

My Shrunks bed packed in with my messy clothes!

It comes with a handy carry bag that you can squash it in to.  The weight isn’t too bad either at 3.8kg. Obviously if you’re using the manual foot pump it’s going to require a little more legwork than the electric one but not too bad. Most importantly the bed feels sturdy, comfortable and it got the thumbs up from my 4-year-old and she’s a discerning customer.

And yes Llinos, you can borrow it to take with you on holiday!


In Hong Kong the Toddler Travel Bed is HKD $798 (manual pump) and available from Bumps to Babes and Baby Outlet.

Overseas the bed is available from Amazon and baby stores.


I was sent a Shrunks Truckaire Inflatable Toddler Bed for review.  I was not paid for this review and this is all my opinion.


  1. Llinos

    Thank you!!! What great timing! Sounds perfect and just what I need for our next trip…

  2. Wendy

    Actually really handy if you are in a hotel and little one wants to sleep right next to you, in moments of angst! Or in our case when we have 5 kids staying at ours for a pyjama party with babysitter as us adults go to a Burns Night celeb!

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