Review of the Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle

Is it just me or is every parent on the endless quest for a straw bottle that actually works?  I have been through so many brands trying to find the perfect one and either the straw breaks, it leaks or I lose it.

I recently tested out Skip Hop’s Zoo Straw Bottle.  Free from nasty chemicals like BPA, PVC and Phthalate (try saying that one out loud), the bottle is available in their signature animal designs from Panda to Monkey.

Skip Hop Zoo Straw Water Bottles

What I liked

  • It genuinely doesn’t leak. The straw flips down, closing the seal and you can wave it around without a drop spilling out.
  • The strap is convenient for attaching on to a stroller, bag or even having your toddler carry it.
  • Great size (12 oz)
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • The bottle feels sturdy and should last a long time
  • Reasonably priced at HKD 59.  In HK you can buy from all nursery retailers e.g. Babies R Us, Bumps to Babes, Annerley and Baby Central

What I didn’t like

  • I couldn’t get the straw function to work immediately.  I had to play around with it but after an initial tweak it was fine

If like me, you are on the endless quest for a good straw bottle, I would definitely recommend buying this one.  True to form though, I’ve already misplaced ours (blaming my toddler) and will have to get a new one!


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Skip Hop Zoo Bottle for review from Bloom & Grow.  I was not paid for this review and this is all my opinion!

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  1. Marietta

    Hi! I just found your blog! Thanks for sharing your experience with flying with kids.

    I have a question about this product: Have you ever taken it with you in an airplane, and does it function normally during take off? My kids have straw bottles as well, but they start to spray out water due to the pressure change during take off. I want to find a better straw bottle, because I’m stressed of everything getting wet. I’m just wondering if spraying out water in an airplane is a general problem with straw bottles or just a fault in the specific product that we have.

    Thanks a lot.

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