Swimming Essentials For Holiday: The Floatsuit Review

My 5 year old is a fish.  As soon as we get to a pool she is happy diving in and out and spends most of her time underwater.  The 2 year old is a different story. She thinks she can swim and will also happily dive in.  However, what she has failed to learn is that she can’t swim yet.  So when I saw my friend’s kid happily splashing around in a floatsuit, I thought that’s genius!  My friend also informed me that through using the suit and removing the floats one by one over time, he eventually got his older daughter to swim.

I marched off to the local baby store and bought a FloatSuit by Splash About.  They only had a few versions in the shop but if you go online there are loads of different options available from the more expensive UV suits to simple swimsuits.

Knowing that I was going to have an initial struggle to get it on my daughter, I went for the pink and white option.  Surprisingly she was happy to wear it and as soon as she saw the freedom she had in the pool, she was delighted.

Sky in swimsuit - shrink

How does it work?

The suit comes with 16 floats that you can take out over time. We’ve taken out about 6 – enough that she can stay afloat but not super buoyant, so she can learn how to tread water.

What’s the upside?

A sense of liberation for your child – they no longer have to be in your arms the entire time.  Even better, slight liberation for parents who can sit on the side of the pool and watch.

 Sky jumping in pool - shrink

As we remove the floats I can also see my daughter kicking her legs more and eventually getting the hang of it.

As an added bonus, all Splash About products have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50+.

What’s the downside?

The suits don’t come cheap. However, that’s partly because I was buying in Hong Kong.  I paid HKD $350 although it would have been slightly cheaper in the UK.  The UV swimsuits are even more pricey.

This also means that your kids won’t be able to wear all those fancy swimsuits you’ve bought them!  Although I’ll save those for the beach.

Should I buy one?

Absolutely, yes!  I do feel this is a far better and safer way of keeping kids afloat than armbands.  It also gives you an extra piece of mind for kids like mine who think they can swim but quite clearly can’t.  Will keep you posted as to how long it takes for her to learn….



  1. MummyTravels

    Oh that’s clever – I do like the Splash About range but hadn’t seen these. My two-year-old mostly loves swimming but only with me holding her so this could be great to show her what we’re aiming for.

  2. Marcy

    That seems like a great idea. I like how you can take the floats out over time as the kids get better at swimming.

  3. littlemissmum

    Have used a few of the Splash About products. Haven’t tried this one though. Would probably help keep kids warm as well. Our local pool is so cold!

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