Travel Game Review: Hats On (World Version)

Justine & Daisy (in her train driver hat)

Geography geek Justine shows off her travel game

My friend Justine and I share a love of all things ordnance survey, geography and travel. On a recent sunny day in London (yes I know, it happens), I took the girls to meet her in the lovely Coram’s Fields. She announced she had a gift for me and it turned out to be the best travel game ever.  Have you ever played the sticker on forehead game?  Well this is a more sophisticated version and all the cards are travel related: Who, What & Where?

I can't believe she couldn't get Lands End

I can’t believe the 2 yo couldn’t guess Land’s End

Everyone gets a pretend hat and sticks a card in a fold in the hat. You then take it in turn to ask questions and guess what the card says.  Now really this game isn’t aimed at a 2 and 5 year old but my 5 year old absolutely loved it!  Needless to say she needed a lot of helping out and at times I think she thought she was pretending to be a train driver.  Yet this is a brilliant way to learn about the world and could also serve well as a drinking game. Albeit not with a 2 and 5 year old.

Hats On 3

‘Am I a train driver?’

The World Hats On Game is GBP 9.00 and available from Amazon.

Have you played any similar travel games?  Any to recommend?

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