Travel Product Review: RavPower Battery Pack

If you have a smart phone whose battery life drains faster than a toddler can drain the life out of you… you need an external battery pack!  I used to carry around an actual plug with me before my dad (the tech guy) informed me that such thing as ‘an external battery pack’ exists.  It is the best thing ever.


There are many on the market and I recently got sent a RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank to test. You can charge it up using a Mini AC adaptor or even in your PC USB port although this will be slightly slower.  

So what did I make of this little gadget?



  • Charges anything with a DC 5V Input (no idea what that means) but basically covers iPad, iPhone, iPod, mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PSP and GPS
  • Easily fits inside a handbag although it’s not super lightweight (5oz)
  • Gives you so much extra charge – apparently 15 hours for an iPhone 5 (I wouldn’t know as I have a lowly iPhone 4)
  • Comes in a selection of 4 lovely colours should you want to match your charger to your outfit
  • LED lights which display how much battery is remaining in the power bank
  • There’s an LED flashlight – random extra function that might come in useful one day
  • Cheap – you can get hold of one for GBP 12 from Amazon


It is quite heavy (5.05 ounces). However, that weight is actually a pro when you are making a phone call and can rest the weight of the battery pack on the table rather than having it dangle mid-air.

In conclusion..

Get one.  I am so heavily reliant on my phone during the day that if my battery dies, I panic.  Having an external battery pack means I no longer have to panic. Unless I forget the battery pack.


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a RAVPower Luster 6000mAh External Battery. I was not paid for this review and this is all my opinion…

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